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Natalie and Loki
Dr. Natalie Bennett

Dr. Bennett graduated with podiatry degree in Sydney, Australia in 1994, completing two years residency at Gosford Hospital with specializations in diabetic foot wound care and pediatric podiatry.

In 1997, Dr. Bennett set up her own podiatry practice in Sydney. In 2003 she commenced a Master’s Degree in Health Management and Health Policy as well as taking on the role of Area Director of Podiatry services for the Central and South Western Sydney regions - consisting of five hospitals including the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital (a teaching and research facility attached to Sydney University) and four community health centers. Her role as director included consultation, planning and the establishment of two community health centers and their podiatry services. 

In 2010, she relocated to Bermuda where she worked for a local  podiatry practice, developing a strong reputation as a dedicated podiatrist who provides foot care services along with committing to the long-term care of persons with diabetic foot conditions. Dr. Bennett has been an active Board member for both the Bermuda Diabetes Association Board and the Bermuda Podiatry Board. 

Dr. Bennett is co-owner of Island Sole shoe retailer, which won Best of Bermuda's Best Retail Award in 2021.